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Orbital Net Wireless Leased Lines are suitable for Companies who require reliable 24x7x365 high speed Internet connectivity. Businesses can save thousands of pounds every year with Orbital Net's Wireless Leased Line options. A wireless leased line is the same as a traditional leased line with one difference, the last mile is delivered using WiMax class wireless. A Wireless link can also be used to compliment a primary link, for example, you may have a fibre service from us that is critical to your Business. In this scenario, we would install a second diverse failover using wireless. This backup link can take the form of WiMax or Licenced spectrum depending on the bandwidth required.

Please find below a map of our coverage across Kent and Sussex. Please note that despite being largely accurate, some factors, such as foliage density and urban clutter, are not taken into consideration.

Wireless Case Studies



Multisite MPLS Wireless Leased line service

Canterbury City Council

Canterbury Council

Multi Site, centrally managed solution

Haynes Ford

Haynes Ford

Fibre + Wireless solution

Jacksons Fencing

Jacksons Fencing

Licenced MPLS Circuit to London

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Our company is your one stop solution for all your connectivity needs.

There is no doubt that we are the leaders in Kent and provide reliable, futureproof connectivity solutions. With an 18 year track record we have the experience and network required to deliver Data and Voice to your Business.

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