Global Transit

Orbital IP Transit is suitable for ISP's and web providers who require IP routes for either a primary feed or backup feed. Orbital connect with IP Transit customers using BGP at common datacentres. With our extensive European peering combined with our excellent Transatlantic routes, Orbital can deliver excellent quality. IP Transit customers can just take a standard transit feed if they do not have an AS number or IP space. Orbital are happy to announce PI space on behalf of a customer. To see our current peering, please visit and query AS24916 Please see BGP peering locations below;

Next Steps

  • Talk to Us

    Contact us to arrange a no obligation quotation based on your bandwidth requirements and location.

  • Order Service

    Once happy, place your order and we will handle the rest providing regular updates as to the progress through to delivery

  • Service Delivery

    An Engineer connect the interconnect and we will send your peering details, once you have configured your routers we will bring up a test BGP peering session announcing no prefixes. Once you are happy the connection is ok, we will send you a full global routing table or UK only routes depending on the service purchased.