Leased Lines

Orbital Net provide Leased Line Circuits anywhere in Mainland England, Scotland and Wales. A Leased line circuit is a dedicated 1:1 contended service that can be used for a wide variety of applications and services. Leased lines are available at speeds from 2Mb to 10Gig. Circuits of 10Mbit and over are provided on fibre and are better value for money than lower speed services.


Leased Lines are not shared, meaning information transmitted is private, and that’s a huge benefit for modern businesses. Not only could you avoid fines, but you could avoid the downtime associated with hacks and security breaches:

87% of small businesses reported atleast one cyber breach in the last year

60% of UK businesses reported downtime, with 34% seeing a loss of revenue


Leased Line costs are more palatable when measured against the savings you could make through IP-based telephony. They allow you to discard legacy phone systems and the maintenance fees, in favour of scalable IP-based services that reduce costs and dramatically improve call quality.

74% of businesses have seen their IT costs fall thanks to faster internet

22% of SMEs are using the internet for phone calls

Businesses using VoIP make an average yearly saving of £456


Cloud apps can make online collaborations easier and help you replace costly inhouse systems. Flexible tools like Skype run on subscription models, while easy scalability means you can add or remove users as required, so you only pay for what you use.

69% of businesses now use cloud applications

68% use cloud applications for email

63% use cloud applications for social media

63% use cloud applications for file sharing


VoIP and on line meeting software run extremely well using Leased Lines, meaning your teams can stay in touch easily. This means you can cut down on the number of physical meetings, reducing travel fees and promoting productivity. Remote working is seeing a substantial growth, in 2015:

91 % of businesses in the UK take advantage of remote working

76% of businesses spend less time and money travelling thanks to video conferencing


Leased Lines make it easier to implement your digital strategy. If you don’t have a digital strategy for your business, you should strongly consider putting one in place to help improve your enquiries, sales and customer relations.

2/3 businesses think a digital strategy is critical for success

57% have had more enquiries thanks to their digital strategy

50% say having a digital strategy has increased sales

29% say it has reduced costs


Reduced downtime, improved security, less time travelling & in meetings, better use of cloud applications and quicker working practices all contribute to making your business more efficient. This reduces costs and allows you to devote more time to other areas, such as planning or researching new technologies.

72% of businesses believe it is very important to keep up with new technologies

69% say that keeping their website and social media running efficiently is crucial to their business success

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At Orbital, we strive to be your one stop solution for all your connectivity needs.

Our track record is a testament to the fact we provide reliable, futureproof connectivity solutions. With an 18 year track record we have the experience and network required to deliver Data and Voice to your Business.

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