Orbital Net provide Colocation in three key datacentres along with Telecommunication Colocation in 18 Telephone Exchanges. For server colocation we currently offer space in Telehouse North London, Goswell Road London and The Bunker in Kent. All our colocation sites have 24x7x365 security and remote hands facilities. Server colocation is suitable for Companies who need to store their critical hardware offsite but do not wish to have the expense of a full rack and separate bandwidth bill, we offer a one stop solution with packages designed to meet your needs and budget. Why not give our sales team a call on 01227 668900 to discuss and obtain a no obligation quotation?

Why Colocate with us ?

Orbital has been in the Colocation arena for over 18 years, in that time we have learnt a thing or two and can pass that experience on to your Company as part of the service we offer. Things concerning data centre's are often not as 'black and white' as they first seem. What appears an amazing deal in the first instance can cost more long term.

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