Bonded Circuits

We are now able to offer bonded FTTC and Wireless circuits, depending on your distance from the nearest node, we can now achieve speeds of over 120Mbit downstream with a pair of FTTC enabled phone lines. We can achieve speeds of up to 500Mbit with 8 copper lines.

We have found this to work reliably and in a failure situation, because of technology we use, it will simply fall back to single line bandwidth.

This service can also be combined with a wireless failover for added peace of mind

The highest service we currently offer is 500mbit which will require four phone lines and automatically includes a 6hour SLA

All the packages are dependent on your distance from the nearest enabled cabinet, if for example your line can only support 50mbit downstream, bonding four lines would achieve a maximum of 200mbit.




Unlimited usage

Static IP

Kent Based support

Includes 2 Copper Lines


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Unlimited usage

Static IP

Kent Based Support

Includes 4 Copper Lines


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Unlimited usage

Static IP Block

Gold Support

Includes 8 Copper Lines

Level4 SLA

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Next Steps

  • Talk to Us

    Contact us to arrange a no obligation desktop survey for EoFTTC availability and choose a Business Package.

  • Order Service

    Once happy, place your order and we will handle the rest providing regular updates as to the progress through to delivery

  • Service Delivery

    An Engineer will visit your premises, connect the EoFTTC to a VDSL modem that will be configured remotely. We will then hand over the service and your high speed experience will commence.