Few things in life are more annoying than waiting on a slow broadband connection. Whether waiting for a file to download or an email to send at the exact minute of the end of your working day, every second spent staring at a progress bar is a second of wasted life..

The effects of a slow broadband connection go far beyond minor annoyance for businesses – slower employees and unhappy customers can create a variety of financial losses for companies. Although a slower Internet connection may be cheaper, the time and productivity lost create hidden costs that can’t always be seen through reporting.

One day’s work can be accomplished by one full-time employee. The average human thinks 400 words per minute, speaks 125 wpm, and types 40 wpm. This means each full-time employee is losing 90% productivity as they type vs how fast they think.

A study by Sandisk found slow Internet connections cost employees one week per year of productivity, which averages another 2% of inactivity into the mix. This means businesses are paying for only 8% of each full-time employee's full capabilities.

Imagine if your business has taken the steps to roll out a Voice Over IP Phone service (VoIP). This is an excellent way to save your business money by eliminating the need of your phone line and it's associated expensive costs and calls. But wait! what you didn't get told when you brought this service was that having slow broadband speeds or poor network quality, you will suffer problems like poor voice quality, dropped calls, and registration issues.

Disengaged customers lead to loss of sales. Advancements in Wi-Fi and wearable technology is giving rise to the amount of customer devices.

Local coffee shops, for example, compete with larger corporate coffee chains to offer high-speed wifi. Poor internet may discourage us caffeine hipsters wanting a quick Skype session with the daily cappuccino fix.

To ensure the fastest possible connection for both employees and customers, start by calling our solutions team today and see how OrbitalNet connectivity suite containing cost-effective managed solutions can allow your business to stay ahead of the game, or drop us an email: solutions@orbital.net.

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