Over the past 10 years there has been a game changing evolution in telephone services that provide much more solutions giving businesses like yours the tools to grow. Businesses around the UK are not waiting for BT to switch off the traditional ISDN network in 2025, they are embracing this technological communications advancement with an excitement that is well-deserved. OrbitalNet IPVoice Services are fast becoming a staple among the basic business inventory, and here are four reasons why:

OrbitalNet IPVoice allows you to eliminate the need of your current phone line and it's associated expensive call costs, but still allows your business to keep your existing phone numbers. With your voice services managed in the OrbitalNet Cloud your numbers can become geographically independent, allowing you to use UK or international area codes which means you can not only expand your business footprint, but also retain a local feel for your customers.

With your voice services being managed in the OrbitalNet Cloud it will ensure the quality of your calls is never compromised due to unwanted packets such as traffic from the internet, printing devices and DHCP server-client traffic.

Your voice services will be managed in the OrbitalNet Cloud leading to greater control and flexibility than ever before. by having your voice service managed in the OrbitalNet Cloud your phone numbers can be easily managed for your entire business. You can set up business continuity processes so that your calls can be easily diverted to other offices or mobile phones to cater for your remote workers or in the event of a disaster at one of your sites.

With no hardware to be installed for additional phone lines everything is much quicker so new phone lines can simply be added, reassigned or removed depending on your businesses needs and all done in hours and not weeks. Because OrbitalNet IPVoice uses the Internet it is possible for you to integrate it with your other business systems, such as email clients, or customer records.

A forward thinking ISP

Here at Orbital, we have spent the last 18 years developing systems that evolve with new technology to keep our customers in the forefront when running communications for their Business. We pride ourselves on always being one step ahead and invest a lot of time on research and development to ensure we can always meet our customers needs and expectations.

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Our company is your one stop solution for all your Business connectivity needs.

We strive to deliver the best possible service at all times, we take pride in providing reliable, futureproof connectivity solutions. With an 18 year track record we have the experience and network required to deliver Data and Voice to your Business.

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